Who Distributes Super Coffee?

Is Super coffee still in business?

Since Shark Tank, Sunniva Super Coffee has been rebranded as Kitu.

Kitu has launched a new formula of Super Coffee without sugar (and just 80 calories per serving) and Super Creamers, a line of dairy-based creamers with whey protein and coconut oil, available in vanilla, hazelnut and unsweetened flavors..

Was there super coffee on Shark Tank?

Kitu Life Super Coffee was born out of founder Jordan DeCicco’s need for a better energy drink. DeCicco and his brothers pitched the company on “Shark Tank,” and while they didn’t get a deal, consumers like myself are loving their Super Coffees.

What is super Creamer?

COFFEE CREAMER + PROTEIN: Try 6 packs of Vanilla Super Creamer, packed with 2g of protein, 0g of sugar and only 40 calories – perfect coffee creamer for any keto coffee. … Vanilla Super Creamer is the perfect sugar free coffee creamer choice. It’s rich, but not overpowering; sweet, but not sugary – 2g protein, 0g sugar.

Does Kitu super coffee need to be refrigerated?

Now a successful brand with national distribution, Super Coffee can be stored at room temperature, but is best enjoyed refrigerated, over ice, or heated up for two minutes in the microwave. The line is gluten free, GMO free, lactose free, and soy free.

Who started super coffee?

Jordan DeCCioKitu Life, Inc./Founders

What happened to super coffee after shark tank?

Kitu Super Coffee After Shark Tank Since the brothers’ episode on Shark Tank, their company has changed from Kitu Super Coffee to Kitu. The company has launched super coffee without sugar and Super Creamers. … The company is foreseeing approximately $70 million in revenue by the end of 2020 and $150 million in 2021.

Who owns super coffee?

SunnivaAfter starting in 2015, Super Coffee is now produced under the company name, Sunniva. His two brothers, Jake and Jim, work tirelessly along with Jordan. It is now sold in Wegmans, Whole Foods, and on college campuses nationwide as well as some other regional chains such as Wawa and Acme.

How much is super coffee worth?

Kitu Life Inc., the startup behind fast-growing beverage brand Super Coffee, has raised $25 million in a fundraising round that values it at more than $200 million.

Is Super coffee healthy?

Well, it offers “all-day energy from protein and healthy fats.” Of course it does so without sugar via natural sweetening. … Each 12oz bottle of Super Coffee also contains 10g of whey protein and 200mg of caffeine. So make no mistake. The product packs a healthy punch.

Is Kitu super coffee healthy?

Their products are sugar-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and gluten-free – and contains 10 grams of protein. Plus, they’re made with MCT Oil that provides 5 grams of healthy fat. They even have Super Espresso that comes in a canned package that delivers an extra surge of energy.

Do you drink super coffee hot or cold?

of coffee. Kitu Super Coffee is best enjoyed refrigerated, over ice, or heated up for 2 minutes in the microwave in your favorite mug.