Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Dispense?

What is the opposite of admissible?

Opposite of capable or deserving to be admitted, accepted or allowed.





What’s another word for interfere?

SYNONYMS FOR interfere 2 pry, intrude, encroach, interlope. 4 intercede.

What does hinder mean?

verb (used with object) to cause delay, interruption, or difficulty in; hamper; impede: The storm hindered our progress. to prevent from doing, acting, or happening; stop: to hinder a man from committing a crime.

What does obstruct mean?

verb (used with object) to block or close up with an obstacle; make difficult to pass: Debris obstructed the road. to interrupt, hinder, or oppose the passage, progress, course, etc., of. to block from sight; to be in the way of (a view, passage, etc.).

What is another word for administration?

Administration Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for administration?controldirectionmanagementconductgovernmentrunninghandlingsupervisionsuperintendencecharge184 more rows

What is the opposite of dangerously?

Opposite of in a grave, severe or critical manner. innocuously. harmlessly. unthreateningly. innocently.

What is the antonyms of gentle?

Antonyms: unkind, intense, lowborn, loud, heavy, wild, steep, untamed. Synonyms: lenify, appease, mollify, pacify, gruntle, title, dignify, placate, ennoble, assuage, entitle, conciliate. gentle(verb)

What word is dangerous?

adjective. full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe. able or likely to cause physical injury: a dangerous criminal.

What is the opposite of interfere?

Antonyms: avoid, hold aloof, hold off, keep aloof, keep away, keep clear, keep out, let alone, let be, retire, stand aside, stand away, stand back, stand off, withdraw. Synonyms: arbitrate, intercede, intercept, intermeddle, interpose, interrupt, meddle, mediate.

What is the opposite of administer?

Opposite of to manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.) deny. follow. forego. frustrate.

What is the definition of meddling?

verb (used without object), med·dled, med·dling. to involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly: Stop meddling in my personal life!

What administer means?

verb (used with object) to manage (affairs, a government, etc.); have executive charge of: to administer the law. to bring into use or operation: to administer justice; to administer last rites. to make application of; give:to administer medicine. to supervise the formal taking of (an oath or the like).

What does impede mean?

to retard in movementto retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder.

What is the antonyms of danger?

danger(n) Antonyms: safety, immunity, security, shelter, safeguard, protection. Synonyms: jeopardy, hazard, peril, insecurity, risk, exposure, imminence, impediment.

What’s another word for administer?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for administer, like: direct, conduct, control, govern, provide with, give, bring in, furnish, dispense, regulate and apply.