Is Zofia Good R6?

Is Zofia a better ash?

Zofia might replace another support operator but in high level and pro games that 3 speed ash meta will still be there.

Zofia doesn’t have Ash’s most important aspect: the near non-existent head hitbox.


Ash is entry fragger queen..

Is Echo immune to Dokkaebi?

Echo purchases a cellphone Echo is no longer immune to Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb. Additionally, if Dokkaebi is present in the round, Echo drops a phone that can be hacked when he is killed. When Dokkaebi hacks the Defender’s Observation Tools system, access to the Yokai cameras is also granted for Attackers.

Is Hibana a hard Breacher?

With Operation Shadow Legacy, that’s about to change: now, eight more attackers will have the option to bring a hard breaching gadget along with them. The hard breach charge gadget was revealed at the Six August 2020 Major. It’s an optional secondary gadget that creates a hole big enough to crawl or vault through.

How old is Hibana?

In Rainbow Six Siege lore, Hibana was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan and is a skilled martial artist who joined the National Police Academy at age 18….Hibana (Rainbow Six Siege)Yumiko “Hibana” ImagawaCreated byUbisoft MontrealVoiced byLaura MiyataIn-universe informationGenderFemale5 more rows

Who is the best r6 player?

Top Player Rankings For Rainbow Six SiegePlayer IDPlayer Name1.PenguNiclas Mouritzen2.FabianFabian Hällsten​3.CanadianTroy Jaroslawski4.GogaDaniel Romero77 more rows•Feb 7, 2016

Who is the youngest operator in r6s?

MuteMute is the youngest operator overall in the game, at age 25.

Who are hard Breachers?

Hard breachers are an essential part of every reliably successful team composition as they allow attackers to:increase number of entry points to the objective.create new lines of sight that defenders can be shot from.force defenders away from their preferred position.

Why does Zofia have withstand?

Zofia automatically presses down on her wounds, thus her bleedout time is maximized even if she moves around. This is because the usual interaction button for slowing blood loss is her Withstand ability instead.

Who is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2020?

Best Rainbow Six Siege operators in 2020Hibana.Thatcher.Ash.Buck.Thermite.Smoke.Echo.Bandit.More items…•

Is sledge a fragger?

1. Sledge: 2/2 armor and speed, frag grenades, has good primary weapons and best secondary weapon in the game, gadget is not essential to the team winning. Excellent choice as entry fragger for Thermite + Thatcher.

What does fragger mean in r6?

initial killEntry Fragger: (Frags are kills). This is your team mate who is pushing into an objective hard to get that initial kill (frag) and attempts to disrupt the enemy team early on/ kill the enemy roamers. Typically you will have someone drone in the entry fragger so you can guide them, or warn them about potential threats.

Is Zofia an entry fragger?

Entry Fragger Such a role assignment means Zofia will be a leading operator in hunting down roamers.

Why is Zofia so good?

Zofia is a powerful support and fragger combo. Her double-barreled grenade launcher has both impact grenades and concussion rounds that daze opponents when launched nearby. Zofia brings more utility to the team at the cost of weapon power and speed, but it’s an easy tradeoff to work with.

Why does Zofia hate ELA?

First of all, why exactly does Ela hate Zofia? All it says is that Zofia was the family favorite, and Ela was jealous of her cuz she was better than her at pretty much everything. They’re both in their 30s, you’d think Ela would’ve gotten over it by now. … As much as I hate to say this, Zofia is the “better” Bosak.

How old is Lord Tachanka?

Biography. Alexsandr Senaviev was born on November 3rd in Leningrad, Russia to a military family. At the age of eighteen, Senaviev was conscripted into military service just as the Soviet Union was ending its operations in Afghanistan. Upon the dissolution of his draft, Senaviev opted to enlist full time.